Bid/r is a new marketplace where people can trade their time with brands that offer the best value for it.

Just download the Bid/r mobile app to “list” yourself on an exchange where you can receive offers from brands competing for your time and attention.

Each day you’ll receive a feed of offers including samples, swag, premiums, content, unique one-of-a-kind experiences — even cash — to give your attention to a brand.

This website supports that marketplace by publishing a mix of news, data, tips and advice for readers who want to use Bid/r to get their fair share of the “attention economy” — a trillion dollar industry that trades your data and the attention you pay to media like a commodity that can be bought and sold.

You already get more than 9,000 offers each day from brands — ads, promos and new forms of marketing that, frankly, aren’t always transparently clear. Bid/r was created to help you organize that marketplace to create the most value for yourself.

Anchored by the Bid Feed, a ranking of the top offers brands make each day — everything from great content, unique experiences, and yes, even free stuff — Bid/r will help you put your untapped consumer market power to work for you.

The Why & How

Watch this video to learn why and how you can trade your time on Bid/r.