If you’re using an iPhone


We use Apple’s Enterprise Program, which requires an extra step to verify our company — Tick Slash R, Inc. — is a trusted source.

1. Click the “Download for iOS” button above. When it finishes installing, click the Bid/r app icon on your iPhone.

2. When this alert pops up, click “cancel” and open your iPhone’s settings.



3. Tap “General.”


4. Scroll down to “Device Management” or “Profiles & Device Management” and tap “Tick Slash R, Inc.”



5.  Tap “Tick Slash R, Inc.” on this screen.



6. Tap “Trust Tick Slash R, Inc.”



7. Tap “Trust.”



That’s it. You should be able to open the Bid/r app, sign up and create your account.

We recommend allowing Bid/r to send you notifications so we can alert you about new versions and updates.

If you have any difficulties, questions or suggestions let us know at

There’s also a one-minute instructional video below that demonstrates these steps if you’d like more guidance.





How to Install Bid/r on an iPhone